by Awkward Silence

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released July 12, 2015



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Awkward Silence

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Track Name: Tonight (feat. Miranda Gunn)
The day is getting on and I thought I'd let you go
You assumed it could never go wrong with so much that you didn't know
Now don't think you've pulled the wool out from under my eyes...
This evening lover you're in for the biggest surprise.

We're getting ready and we've just begun
Turn it up baby, sing it on and on and on....

Hold me, help me, be with you - uh uh, oh oh oh
You don't see half of what you put me through - uh uh, oh oh oh
Show me, teach me, tell the truth - uh uh, oh oh oh
Maybe we can do what we know we have to do.......... hitting the streets tonight!

Time is running out and so is what's left of me
Three strikes you're out and all our opportunities
They say that love is blind but then its black....
Once you're gone you're gone and there will be no coming back.

Almost finished and we're starting to end
Sing it right now, sing it over and over again...


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: No Attendance (feat. S.Spiller & Jay. T)
You say I'm blind but I clearly see
all the mix signals that you rush past me
It might be such a while ago
all the missing pieces are now starting to show
Now I think the time has come
End a competition that no ones won
Time to shut it down.. and move on

Did you ever think that you'd be alone
living in a house that you can't call home
just wish I could take it all back
opposites don't even attract
I wear my heart on my sleeve
it tells me never to believe
pick up my keys.. and then I leave

I know you've had it rough. But now I've have had enough.......

Oh, Oh, Oh - you don't seem to understand
Oh, Oh, Oh - I'm not gonna be that man
The lies, the secrets, that things that I know
Your touch, your love, now where did that go
If I needed you here you wouldn't show

Never swallowed such a bitter pill
Never felt so good that it made me ill
Could you count cause I've lost track
I was going forwards, you were going back
We had the piece of mind
Dreaming that it would be fine
The clocks just died.. we're out of time

Had I known this was just a game
I would of known I was one to blame
Hold back or call it a day
Take those plans of mine and put them at bay
You no Mercedes you're no Rolls Royce
I'm pretty sure you had a choice
but you didn't listen to your own voice

I know you've had it rough. But now I've had enough.


"Couple of years had gone by. One day I saw you crossing the streets. We caught eyes and I said hello. You looked and then pretended I wasn't really there. You then started to walk a bit faster. And I must admit I was surprised. You headed towards the bus station. Me, I just stood there, like a mug, whilst asking myself... why can't she still let go of it?"

Chorus (x2)

Oh, Oh, Oh - you wouldn't show

Had enough....
Track Name: Ghetto Blaster '89 (feat. Vice Man)
Drop it, don't put it about
I got the invite and its something to shout
It doesn't matter, cuz you won't quit
I got ya beats and the flavor and I'm on top of it
Whatever reason, I don't like to say
I'm feeling caution, so I'm staying away
Hopes and madness, tend to stick to you
So open up baby, ya know I'll be the glue to your life.

Intensified - so won't you jump on
and take the ride?
All my dreams have been certified
Ghetto Blaster 89 - is classified

Pay attention, and lend me your ear
You lost your vision, so I'll make it real clear
We got to focus, and I've got your back
Gonna have to find a way to put ya back on track
Its never faultless, just the way that its done
No scoring points here, we've only just begun
Simple subtraction, and there's nothing to fear
So give in to the reason, it hasn't been your year, now shine bright!


Stand up, don't be a waste
We're always learning, we all have our place
Face the music, and dig the sound
You're gonna be the person that you'd have around
It's optimism, and it don't take much
I got the power son, and you got the touch
True survivor, you'll see how it handles
Learning faster than Molly and her sixteen candles and that's right!

Track Name: Dreams And Memories (feat. Michele Woodard)
I can hear the silence, and see the shadows of your soul.
Always here and thinking, trying not to let go...
See time can change it, every single little thing, when you don't know how it ends.
Take comfort cause I'll be there, and I'll always be your friend...

Driving in my car, I see a lucky star, reminds me how to believe.
When I see your face, I'm in a special place.
We've got our dreams and memories.

We can talk it overnight, we can try and clear the air.
I could leave this with you, but you know that's just not fair...
Can you keep a track of.. all the struggles and endless, useless fears?
To say we go back, I've lost count of all the years.

Repeat Chorus

Don't be weak.. Don't let go.. Turn around.. and walk forward.
See it now.. Be the one.. Make it work.. keep moving on.